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Exotica Tropicals is Packed!

We are stocking the nursery up with new plants- its quite packed in here!

We currently have beautiful blooming 7 gallon Heliconia ‘Iris Bannochie’ in stock as well as many more awesome oddities including, but not limited to:

Heliconia ‘Brazilian Bomber” aka “Hot Rio Nites’

The rare and beautiful red-leafed ginger Costus vinosus

Large flowering Tahitian Gardenias

Heliconia rostrata “Hanging Lobster Claw”

8-9 foot Rainbow Eucalptus trees – Eucalyptus degulpta

and ALOT more!

Check our HOURS page for our current nursery schedule.

and don’t forget to keep an eye on our ONLINE MAIL ORDER NURSERY – with new plants available every week.


Heliconia stricta Iris Bannochie

Heliconia stricta ‘Iris Bannochie’


Costus vinosus - Red Wine Spiral Ginger

Costus vinosus – Red Wine Spiral Ginger


Heliconia 'Brazilian Bomber' aka 'Hot Rio Nites'

Heliconia ‘Brazilian Bomber’ aka ‘Hot Rio Nites’



Heliconia rostrata – Hanging Lobster Claw




RE-OPENING JAN 4th, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Exotica Tropicals will be closed for the holidays until Wednesday 1/4/17.

You can still shop online for plants here:




Pink Powderpuff Tree – Now In Stock



NEW TREES & More at Exotica Tropicals!

Looking for a new tree after Hurricane Matthew? Exotica Tropicals has some nice ones in stock-  we’ve got:

6-7 foot tall RAINBOW EUCALYPTUS (Eucalyptus deglupta – colorful trunk)

5-6 ft YLANG YLANG TREES (Cananga odorata- fragrant flowers – used in Chanel #5)

5 foot KATUK Trees (Sauropus androgynus -You can eat the leaves- a staple food in Borneo +cool looking flowers)

on KATUK:  “It has a pleasant peanut-like taste when eaten raw and the cooked leaves taste excellent as spinach. The plant is sold everywhere in Malaysia and nearby countries, where it is grown as an edible hedge. Malaysian scientists have developed a technique for forcing the shoot tips to grow extra long and tender by applying plenty of manure, water and (sometimes) shade. The 5-inch shoot tips (locally called “sayor manis”) are sold to upscale restaurants and also exported to Japan, and possibly elsewhere, as “tropical asparagus.” I ate these in a hotel in Malaysia and they were outstanding. The chef stir-fried them for one minute.

5-6 foot tall PINK POWDERPUFF TREES (Calliandra surinamensis – amazing looking pink puffball blooms)

PLUS we have tons of Heliconia varieties, Gingers, Philodendrons, Anthuriums, Elephant Ear Alocasias, and more!

Stop by and check out the jungle!



Pink Powderpuff Tree


Katuk Tree

Rainbow Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus deglupta for sale buy

Rainbow Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus deglupta


Re-Opening Friday Oct 14th!

Exotica Tropicals made it through Hurricane Matthew unscathed- but we are seriously backlogged on our shipping and have a bit of cleanup to do- so we will once again be OPEN for business starting this Friday Oct. 14th! HOURS THIS WEEK: FRI:  10am – 1:30 PM SAT: 10am – 1:30 PM Photo below shows how…

Garden Tour Pics

Thanks to all who came out to the open Garden Tour! Check out some photos from the tour & sale below Exotica Tropicals Nursery will be open this week with our usual hours: This Week’s Hours:  WEDNESDAY 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY  10:00 AM – 1:30 PM (photo credit: Lek Wallace)


We have a date for the FREE once-a-year Exotica Tropicals Garden Tour in Melbourne Beach! I have an open garden tour/sale but once a year and the date for 2016 is Sunday September 25th 2016 from 9:30 am to 1:00 PM IF WEATHER IS BAD, WE WILL RESCHEDULE. The self guided garden tour is free…

NURSERY SALE THIS WEEK! 8-24 thru 8-27-2016

Exotica Tropicals is having a SALE this week + weekend 8/24 – 8/27 2016. Everything in the nursery is 15% OFF with Coupon! (Scroll to the bottom for the coupon- coupon must be present for discount) Check out the photos below for some of our selection of Heliconia in stock- now is a great time…

Open Wed 8/17 – Friday 8/19 This Week – Closed Saturday 8/20

Exotica Tropicals will be OPEN Wednesday – Friday this week 8/17 – 8/19 We will be CLOSED Saturday 8/20 The nursery is packed with loads of cool plants at this time! Some notable specimens include: Beautiful 4 foot tall JAPANESE FERN TREES Blooming TAHITIAN GARDENIAS WHITE VARIEGATED GINGER w Pink Blooms- Alpinia vittata Blooming ‘HELICONIA…

New Plants For July 2016

Exotica Tropicals will be OPEN Wed- Saturday This Week WED : 10am – 1:30pm THU: 10am – 1:30pm FRI: 10am – 1:30pm SAT: 10am – 1:30pm   The nursery is PACKED with new plants at this time! Some notables include: NEW HELICONIA: Heliconia bihai “Manoa Sunrise” NEW HELICONIA: Heliconia latispatha x collinsiana ‘Bali’ aka ‘Coral…


Heliconia rostrata is blooming like crazy both in our garden and at the nursery. We have blooming specimens available for sale now!     We also have lots of NEW plants in stock including, but not limited to: Musical Notes Clerodendron Tabernaemontana crassa – ‘Adam’s Apple’  Very cool + fragrant! Heliconia “Brazilian Bomber” aka “Hot…