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This Week’s Hours 3/13 – 3/16 2013

Exotica Tropicals will have scaled-back hours this week for various reasons such as Brevard Schools early release, etc..  Not to mention I need a break after back to back plant shows plus a big flower arranging job ;)

We will be closed Wednesday 3/13 and Saturday 3/16 this week, but will be open Thursday and Friday 3/14 &  3/15.

Next week is back to our usual hours.

Just finished up a series of big tropical flower arrangements- see photo below- more pics on the way.

This Week’s Hours:

Wednesday :       CLOSED

Thursday :          OPEN 9:30 am to 1:30 pm

Friday :              OPEN 9:30 am to 1:30 pm 

Saturday:           CLOSED

Sunday:                closed

Here’s a shot of one of five huge tropical arrangements I completed this week for a client in Vero Beach:

tropical flower arrangments jungle nursery heliconia sexy pink

This arrangement features Heliconia Caribaea (upright) and Heliconia Sexy Pink (pendants) as well as decorative pink pineapples, red ginger and cordyline foliage


What’s new in the nursery:

Variegated Pandanus (spineless screwpine)

Big Leafed- Alocasias: Calidora, Portora, Borneo Giant, Stingray

*Leafless* Bird Of Paradise (Strelitzia juncea)

Heliconia Collinsiana, Rostrata, Oriole Orange, Latispatha “Distans”, Golden Torch – New Varieties On The Way.

Xanthosoma Violaceum (Blue Taro)

Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma “Ginny” or “Mini Monstera”

Buccaneer Palm (Pseudophoenix sargentii)

Orange Plume (Justicia ‘Sidicarlo’)

Yellow Plume (Justicia Aurea)

New Collector Cordylines (Ti Plants)   Kiwi, Lemon-Lime, etc

Panama Queen (Aphelandra sinclairiana)

Black Batflowers

Anthurium Watermeliense and Faustino’s Giant

and a bunch more interesting stuff :)

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