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VENDOR: Eau Gallie Arts District IN BLOOM Plant Show

Exotica Tropicals will be a vendor at the Eau Gallie Arts District “In Bloom” Plant Show  in Melbourne, FL on Saturday March 9nd, 2013.

The show runs from 10am to 4pm. Highland Ave at Eau Gallie (mainland side) will be closed off for the show.

We will have tons of tropical plants for sale, including:

Heliconia (Many Varieties, including Rostrata, Red/Yellow Gyro,Tagami and more)

Exciting Palms such as Red Feather (Flamethrower) Palm and a nice Old Man Palm.

Big Leafed Alocasias (Borneo Giant, Portora, Calidora)

Unusual Aroids (Variegated Alocasia, Odd Xanthosomas, Purple Sword, etc)

Philodendron Mexicanum, Giganteum, Subcusinum, Bob Cee and more

Monstera Deliciosa, Obliqua

Rhapidophora Tetrasperma “Ginny” aka “Mini Monstera”

Bat Flowers

Variegated Pandanus (Spineless Screw Pine)

Xanthosoma Violaceum (Blue Taro)

Tahitian Gardenia

Collector Ti Plants (Cordyline)

Justicia Yellow Plume and Orange Plume

Cool Anthurium such as x Marie, Black Anthruium and Faustino’s Giant

and alot more!

Stop by and see whats new-  CLICK HERE FOR Eau Gallie In Bloom  DIRECTIONS, TIMES AND INFO.

Old Man Palm rare coccothrinax brevard melbourne tropical plants nursery exotic

Photo of nice "Old Man Palm" that will be at the show (Coccothrinax Crinita)

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