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Featured Plant: Heliconia Angusta “Red Christmas”

Heliconia Angusta "Red Christmas" is in bloom

Heliconia Angusta "Red Christmas" is in bloom

Perhaps the tropical jungle version of the red poinsettia, Heliconia “Red Christmas” seems almost too perfect for the season:

With deep green leaves and eye-popping blooms that are have Christmas Red bracts with white flowers, its as if nature decided to throw a holiday party.

We’ve got Heliconia “Red Christmas” blooming in 3 gallon pots at the nursery now- they grow well in pots (even indoors near a sunny window) and in the landscape.

This heliconia blooms in late fall/winter, gets to about 3-4 feet, likes rich organic soil and a partly sunny location- a bright spot with dappled sun is ideal, as well as under a screen enclosure.

blooming heliconia red christmas

Heliconia "Red Christmas" aka "Holiday"

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