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This Is What Growing Heliconia Is All About..

cut heliconia flowers tropical plants nursery brevard florida melbourne lobster clawHaving Heliconia clumps in your yard means going out and cutting a vaseful of fresh flowers to display-

Heliconia varieties bloom at all different times of the year – some even through the winter months.  Having a few different types in the landscape means always having something to put in a vase- or you can leave the blooms on the plant and enjoy them for months on end.

In this arrangement we have:

Heliconia caribaea x bihai ‘Jacquinii’  (yellow and red)  – live plants coming soon to the nursery.

Heliconia stricta ‘Firebird’  -available now at the nursery.

Leaves from Anthurium x Marie and a rolled Variegated Panadus frond.  Both available now.

All grow quite very well in the Melbourne Beach area.


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