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Hibiscus schizopetalus “Red Lantern” / “Chinese Lantern”

  A very cool hibiscus that adds an exotic touch to any garden, Hibiscus schizopetalus aka “Japanese Lantern” has an unusual flowering habit. The red flowers dangle straight down on the ends on branches, resembling a Chinese lantern.

A great grower, with deep green leaves and almost constantly flowering if given bright light.  Easily as cold hardy as any standard hibiscus- I’ve had absolutely no problems with cold in zone 9.

This one performs best if the branches are allowed to ramble a bit, even planted behind other lower landscaping. The branches will protrude out and over other plants, and then dangle out  beautiful red fringed flowers where they are easily seen. Can also be trained into a tree form for maximum “hanging lantern” effect.

“Red Lantern” likes bright light- 70-90% sun, with moist rich soil. Fertilize regularly and everyone will notice this flower in your garden!

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