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Plumeria Growing Instructions



Once you have received your rooted Plumeria plant, you can give it a quick watering and then put it out into a bright sun.

Some tips for growing Plumeria:

* Plumeria prefer bright sun to full sun.

* Plumeria require a well draining soil – think cactus mix, or a chunky potting mix with added aggregate such as pine bark.

* During the warm growing season, you can feed your Plumeria regularly with a liquid Bloom Booster type fertilizer or slow release granules. They are heavy feeders during the active growing season. Water when dry, but allow to drain and do not overwater.

* Unless you are in a highly tropical area, Plumeria will go dormant over the winter and drop their leaves. Keep mostly dry during this time, and do not fertilize until new growth begins to appear- then resum the warm season routine above.

* Plumeria can be grown indoors, but will require a very sunny location. Give as much sun as possible and watch that it is not over watered (allow to dry between)

* Always use a pot with drainage holes. When you see roots growing out of the holes, it is time to pot up your plant.


Please refer to this Plumeria Information Page


Rust fungus is an orange powdery fungus that can appear on the undersides of the leaves and promote premature leaf drop. It is present nearly everywhere Plumeria is grown, as it is spread through airborne spores. It is usually only avoidable with special care.

We recommend using a systemic fungicide approximately 3 times during the growing/leafed season.
A good product to use is liquid Bayer 3-in-1 Rose and Flower Care.  This last about 4-6 weeks and also contains liquid fertilizer and a systemic insecticide.

An alternative is the granular Bayer “Fungus Control For Lawns” for larger outdoor specimens.

Pre-existing rust fungus on leaves can be sprayed with a topical fungicide such as Daconil or Bayer Disease and Mite Control.  NOTE that this will kill the fungus, but it will still be visible unless the leaves are removed.

We make every effort to supply plants free of rust fungus, and all of our shipped plants are pretreated with a fungicide on the leaves. Since it is so commonly seen, you may notice a touch of it on your plant, but rest assured, it has already been treated before shipment.