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Rooting A Plumeria Cutting

Rooting a Plumeria cutting is quite simple.

The most important things to remember are:

* Keep the soil warm. Place the pot you are using to root on a hot surface like concrete in the sun (driveway, etc)

-In cooler areas use a seedling heat mat or something that stays warm.

* Don’t overwater.  Water it once when you first plant the cutting (preferably with some rooting solution) and then keep it quite dry after that. Wet soil will promote rot- dry soil promotes rooting.

*Don’t overpot.  You don’t want the cutting in too much soil. Just use enough to hold the cutting upright and stable.

* Use a very well draining mix and a draining pot. You want a quick draining mix like sandy cactus mix or fine bark mulch. Avoid heavy soils like peat moss or anything that holds alot of water.

For detailed instructions on rooting a Plumeria cutting- refer to these informational sources:

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