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Vintage Tiki Mugs and Polynesian Art

My wife and I have been collecting vintage tiki mugs since the early 1990′s.  These were ceramic glasses that you would get a tropical drink in if you visited a Polynesian themed restaurant in the 1960′s and 1970′s.  Most establishments let you bring the mug home as a souvenir.  These mugs eventually found their way to thrift stores and garage / estate sales.  For years my wife and I scoured these places picking up whatever discarded polynesian and tiki stuff we could find.

I decided to decorate the nursery with some examples of our tiki mug collection so others could enjoy them as well.  The photos below show a few on a floating shelf in the front lobby- I’ve got alot more shelves to put up and fill with more tikis!

tiki mugs tropical nursery brevard county florida melbourne vero satellite cocoa beach

A few tiki mugs on display in the lobby

tiki mugs tropical plants nursery brevard county florida melbourne indian harbour indialantic  satellite cocoa beach

Another view of tiki mugs with Philodendron Speciousum to the right and Monstera Deliciosa / Heliconia Latispatha 'Distans' in the vase

tiki mugs tropical plants witco polynesian art

Side view with 1970's Witco Polynesian Girl artwork on the wall


tiki carving tropical plants witco polynesian art tropical nursery

Door to the nursery with vintage carved tiki and Witco tiki mask


tongue tiki vintage carving

Detail of the carved tiki


witco tiki mask vintage

Detail of the Witco mask with spears

One Response to Vintage Tiki Mugs and Polynesian Art
  1. Marlene Cross
    October 25, 2012 | 11:15 pm

    I love tropicals, wish I had a green thumb. Wonderful Witco with spears, never seen that before.