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Some New Arrivals 6/27/2013

Here’s photos of a few new plants at the nursery this week:

Heard of an Angel’s Trumpet? This is the “Devil’s Trumpet” (Datura)

Dark purple to black stems with deep purple blooms with white center.  Fragrant in the evening. Creepy :)

datura devil's trumpet tropical plants nursery florida melbourne space coast brevard


Finally got in some YELLOW Costus Ginger. I believe there is only one left already! What’s cool is that the edible flowers are orange against the yellow cone.

Yellow Costus Ginger  tropical plants rare uncommon nursery florida melbourne brevard


Got some Heliconia x ‘Rauliniana” with nice blooms:

Heliconia bihai x marginata 'Rauliniana' tropical plants indoor outdoor landscape florida nursery vero beach cocoa satellite melbourne


Indonesian Wax Ginger (Tapeinochilos ananassae):

Indonesian Wax ginger Tapeinochilos ananassae tropical plants nursery florida


Some blooming Shampoo Ginger (Zingiber zerumbet ‘Darcyi’)  What’s great about this one is that the foliage is variegated!

(the basal blooms turn red too- you can squeeze them and use the nectar to wash your hair)

Zingiber zerumbet 'Darcyi' shampoo ginger awapuhi varigted dwarf tropical plant nursery buy for sale in florida brevard space coast melbourne beach vero cocoa

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