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I walked out into the garden the other day and spotted this coming off a big Philodendron x evansii-  A giant infloresence with a glowing pink spathe (The inside walls behind the spadix)

Philodendron x evansii is a hybrid philodendron that produces massive dark green leaves- the edges are somewhat scalloped, but unlike the common Philodendron bipinnatifidum  (selloum) that is seen quite often, the leaves on P. x evansii have very little serration- almost solid – and they are not commonly seen in the landscape.  They get to a massive size, and are very tough. (See photo below and compare size to my hand)  But that pink spathe was really cool to look at- it had an odd luminesence to it in the garden..  I suppose it’s intended to be attractive after all..

I plan on selling some Philodendron x evansii at the nursery in the coming months.

Philodendron x evansii infloresence pink spathe flower

























Philodendron x evansii infloresence pink spathe spadix



























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