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Here Comes The Jungle..

Finally the Spring/Summer rainy season has arrived and we’ve been getting afternoon showers nearly everyday. This is when the garden really starts to wake up. I’ve already seen Heliconia Rostrata pushing out its blooms, the Sausage Tree has dropped all its old leaves and already has a new flush of leaves covering it, as well as new flower stalks hanging down everywhere. The orchids are pushing out bloom stalks, the Tahitian Gardenia has begun its regular flower making, and even the Red Feather Palm has announced the wet & humid season with a huge new red frond. See pics below:

Heliconia Rostata Bloom Beginning:

Heliconia Rostata for sale brevard county


Unusual Hibiscus : “Fiji Island” one of our favorites, that has been blooming in the garden for years.

Hibiscus Fiji Island


Huge Red Feather Palm frond that just opened

Red Feather Palm Flamethrower


New leaf flush on the Sausage Tree

Sausage Tree New Leaf flush

All the old leaves and flowers..

Dropped leaves and flowers from Sausage Tree


New flower stalks on Sausage Tree

New flower stalks on Sausage Tree


The Sunshine Tree is putting out new growth quickly after its early seasonal trim.

The shade will be back soon.

Sunshine Tree Erythrina


Various Heliconia speeding towards their blooms with all the rain..

Heliconia Pendula Frosty Collinsiana Kawauchi


A potted Heliconia Rostrata (for sale) peeking out its new bloom

Heliconia Rostrata lobster claw


Another new Rostrata bloom

Heliconia Rostrata lobster claw


Costus Barbatus blooms getting taller..

Costus Barbatus Red Tower Ginger


Tahitian Gardenia  pumping out the best smelling flowers

(Heliconia Collinsiana in the background)

tahitian gardenia heliconia collinsiana

tahitian gardenia


Alocasia Portdora getting bigger..

Alocasia Portdora


Alocasia Calidora pushing new leaves:

Alocasia Calidora


A cool new Cordyline (Ti) Variety:

cordyline ti


All the rain has swelled the trunk of the Rainbow Eucalyptus, and its bark is peeling fast

Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree


New flower stalks on the orchids:

orchids on trees

orchids on trees


That’s all the photos for now- the garden is getting into full swing.  If you would like to stop by and check out the changes, or are interested in any plants,


Contact me directly at:


or call 321-960-8928


My neighbors blew a gasket about the recent plant sales, so I am in the process of securing a new retail location- but its too early to post any more info. However, I should have a good place to sell unusual tropical plants soon :)   I will still hold Garden Tours however.   If you are in need of any plants, just contact me and we can arrange a meeting.

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