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Featured Plant: Ylang Ylang Tree – Cananga Odorata

A beautiful tree with wonderfully fragrant flowers – famously used to make Chanel No. 5 perfume.

A fast grower, Ylang Ylang (which means “flower of flowers”) can reach 30-35 feet or you can trim it back to maintain a certain size. Likes rich organic soil, full sun to light shade. Creates a nice dappled shade for tropicals to grow in underneath.

The flowers create a very pleasant tropical fragrance that will waft through your entire garden- I also pick the flowers and bring them inside in a bowl- it makes the house smell great. A must-have for the true tropical garden.

ylang yalng tree flowers fragrant

ylang ylang tree cananga odorata chanel no5 tree ilang

ylang ylang tree brevard melbourne florida vero

ylang ylang frgrant flower brevard nursery melbourne florida

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