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Rainbow Eucalyptus In Stock And For Sale!

We’ve got Rainbow Eucalyptus for sale!

Exotica Tropicals is currently fully stocked up on Rainbow Eucalyptus trees  aka the Mindanao Gum Tree (Eucalyptus deglupta)

We currently have 3 & 7 gallon trees in stock- approx 5-8 feet in height, ready to plant and get huge. – Call for details on current inventory.

(Update 2018)

WE DO HAVE SHIPPABLE SIZED TREES AT THIS TIME! Buy Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees Online Here – if they show as out of stock,  please check our Ebay Auctions Page or call 321-960-8928 for details. We can ship Rainbow trees directly to you!

You can buy Rainbow Eucalyptus in our online store and have it shipped to your door right from our website!

Known for its eye catching colorful trunk, the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree grows rapidly and quite well in the Brevard area- it is cold hardy down to the brief 20′s.

You can read more information and see photos on my dedicated Rainbow Eucalyptus Page.

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Rainbow Eucalyptus for sale online Eucalyptus deglupta

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