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Heliconia rostrata is blooming like crazy both in our garden and at the nursery.
We have blooming specimens available for sale now!

Heliconia rostrata blooming in Melbourne Beach FL

Heliconia rostrata blooming in Melbourne Beach FL


hanging lobster claw heliconia for sale

Another view of the garden


We also have lots of NEW plants in stock including, but not limited to:

Musical Notes Clerodendron

Tabernaemontana crassa – ‘Adam’s Apple’  Very cool + fragrant!

Heliconia “Brazilian Bomber” aka “Hot Rio Nites” – a huge red bloomer.

Some 8 foot Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees – with peeling trunks

Ylang Ylang Trees (Cananga odorata)

Sausage Trees (Kigelia africana)

Belize Yellow Costus Ginger (Yellow Buttons)

Variegated Shampoo Ginger

Red Tower Hybrid Ginger

Dwarf Hawaiian Red Ginger (Alpinia purpurata)

…and loads more.  Come check it out!


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