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New Arrivals & Photos Around The Nursery 8-1-2013

Here are a few photos of new arrivals and choice plants around the nursery this week.  Exotica Tropicals is open Wednesday through Saturday 9:30 am to 1:30 pm (usually a bit later on Saturday)

2013-07-25 13.28.20

Some new blooms in the lobby vase this week- Heliconia Latispatha ‘Red Yellow Gyro’ and Heliconia Collinsiana. Both are great bloomers in Brevard and both are in stock.


2013-07-17 12.35.52

This is a cool new one- Variegated Alocasia gageana ‘California’ – this is a dwarf Alocasia- it gets a leaf about 2 feet long and stays around 3-4 feet tall.  The variegation is the really unusual element- I have never seen this type of Alocasia with variegation, and what’s more, it is quite stable in bright light.


cordyline fruitcosa pink diamond ti plant brevard tropical plant nursery melbourne cocoa beach for sale vero satellite

 Just got a couple ‘Pink Diamond’ Ti plants in (Cordyline fruticosa)  This variety is a very strong grower with a noticeably different coloration than most Ti plants.  It  does well in bright sun, but has become difficult to find. I have a small limited supply of these- definitely the collector’s Ti plant.


cordyline fruticosa ti mcinernys spear brevard tropical plant nursery space coast melbourne cocoa beach for sale vero satellite

Another very cool Ti plant- this is Cordyline fruticosa ‘McInerny’s Spear”  it is quite colorful and an easy grower. Likes plenty of bright light.


Heliconia psittacorum flamingo pink brevard tropical plant nursery space coast melbourne cocoa beach for sale vero indialantic indian harbour

The heliconia are going crazy at Exotica Tropicals this summer- everything is loving the heat and humidity- putting on lots of growth- its –like a jungle in here!  Here is an unusual favorite of mine- I’ve never been a huge fan of the small “parrot’s beak” (Heliconia psittacorum) but this particular hard to find cultivar is awesome- it has a flamingo-pink bloom unlike any other I’ve seen. In fact, it’s name is Heliconia psittacorum ‘Flamingo’  – the bright pink blooms sit atop very deep green glossy foliage. It likes a bright, but partial sun. Grows to about 3-4 feet and is cold hardy. Just have a few in stock, but its a great one.


 Philodendron barrosoanum giganteum brevard tropical plant nursery space coast melbourne rare hard to find cocoa beach for sale vero indialantic indian harbour

Exotica Tropicals specializes in unusual and hard to find Philodendrons.  Climbers, self-trunkers, you name it and we’ve got it. I’m a bit of a Philodendron nut- I’ve recently expanded shelving to carry more philos.  Most Philodendron can be grown indoors or outdoors in Florida. Indoors, they need a bright window nearby- outdoors they like a partial sun for the most part and can get HUGE leaves.  This is a new & rare one that just came in from Ecuador- Philodendron barrosoanum giganteum.  As you can guess from the name, the leaves can get gigantic. It’s a robust climber- let it grow up a palm or tree trunk and give your garden that Ecuadorian jungle feel :)

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