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More Cool Tropical Plants You Can Find At Exotica Tropicals

Bilbergia Windii – This is a neat bromeliad that has a hanging (pendant) flower. This particular one has a pink flower that resembles a heliconia bloom.  I like to tuck it into the crooks of trees or other raised places in my garden and let the blooms hang down at eye level.   It is a vigourous grower, and will spread into a nice clump.  It doesn’t require soil to grow,  just water in its cup. However, I do put a little sphagnum moss around its roots when I tie it to a tree. It works equally well in a hanging basket, and can even be grown in the ground.  They are also cold hardy!

Bilbergia Windii

bilbergii windii  cold hardy bromeliad hanging flower

bilbergia windii pink hanging flower in tree


Heliconia Golden Torch -  An easy to grow dependable bloomer.  Blooms are bright yellow & upright approx. 5-6″ tall.  Plant height gets to about 5 feet and makes a nice clump.  Likes 75-90% sun,  & well-watered but fast draining, rich soil. Makes plenty of great cut flowers.

heliconia golden torch melbourne florida brevard county

heliconia golden torch brevard county melbourne florida tropicals


Red Feather Palms  These are very cool palms that have new fronds that emerge blood red in color and then fade to green over time.  I have a few large ones in my garden, and they are a definite favorite.

Red Feather Palm (photos from my garden in Melbourne Beach)

red feather palm, flamethrower palm



 Some unique varieties of hibiscus:

Fiji Island” which has a very tropical looking fuschia/purple bloom in a nice star shape:

rare fiji island hibiscus


Chinese / Red Lantern“  a unique hibiscus that hangs down like a pendant- bright red, resembling a Chinese Lantern:

chinese lantern red hibiscus


and “Hawaiian Salmon“  an unusual looking flower that is a creamy salmon color with a red/pink center with serrated/rippled edges:

hawaiian salmon hibiscus

All 3 are strong growers that are cared for like you would any common hibiscus in our area.

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