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Free Garden Tour And Plant Sale – Sunday September 29th

Alot of people have been asking me if I am going to hold any more garden tour/sales.. since I haven’t had one in over a year.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do it with my HOA, but it turns out we can have one yard sale per year.. so I am setting a date for Sunday, September 29th.   (if the weather goes bad, I will reschedule for early October)

This past year I’ve been working alot in the garden, and have worn a few paths through the grass down into the dirt, haha so I will try and get some rye grass growing before the sale to make it a bit more attractive :)

The plants, however, are bigger than ever and it’s gotten quite a canopy lately.

Some plants of note in the garden are:

Sausage Tree (big), Rainbow Eucalyptus (big), Red Feather Palm (also big), plenty of heliconia- there should be blooms on collinsiana, latispathas, stricta ‘Iris’, rostrata and bihai.  Also large leafed Philodendron such as P. giganteum and P. subincisum, lots of anthuriums such as ‘x Marie’ and A. watermaliense, many bamboo (lako black, Angel Mist, Blue (chungii), textilis gracilis, etc)  as well as Sunshine Tree, Ylang Ylang tree, Tabernaemontana holstii and crassa, Xanthososmas, Cordylines, various bananas and all kinds of other stuff.

In addition, I will be selling plants in the garden- the selection will consist of different stock than I have up at Exotica Tropicals nursery, including a few LARGE scale plants in 7 gallon or above pots, including a giant Philodendron x evansii, Philidendron giganteum, and subincisum. Also, big pots of Heliconia ‘Jacquinii’ (about 9 feet tall)  and a pair of big Rainbow Eucalyptus in 15 gallon pots (about 10-12 feet tall) .  – If you are interested in plants of this size, you will likely need a truck :)

The garden is located in the Melbourne South Beaches, a little south of the Publix and about 10 minutes north of Sebastian Inlet off the A1A. 

The sale will run from 9 AM to 1:30 PM  9/29/13 (there should be some garage sales in the neighborhood too) – so you can make a day of it and hit the beach as well.


Below are some “Before and After” photos I took of the garden while it was still being put together (the ‘after’ photos are pretty old now) – just goes to show what can be done with an empty field of grass!

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