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Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree XXL Sapling 4" pot - ONE (1) TREE SHIPPED 30"-48" tall


THIS PRODUCT IS CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. Will Be Available Soon- Email Us To Backorder.

Eucalyptus deglupta or Rainbow Eucalyptus. 

AKA Mindanao Gum Tree or Rainbow Gum Tree.


These are taller specimens than we usually sell.  3 to 4 feet tall on average.

This tree is legendary for its colorful peeling bark!  As the trunk swells with water, the bark will begin to peel off, like a snake shedding its skin. The bark that peels off is an orange color, and the newly exposed bark beneath it is a vivid lime green.  Over time, this new lime green bark will fade through a series of other colors-  turquoise, then a blueish hue, then light purple, and finally it starts to get more reddish, then orange. Once it gets to the orange stage, it will peel off again in big strips.  This will happen all up and down the tree’s trunk at different times, so the overall effect is a tree with Rainbow-colored bark.

I have been growing this tree for over 12 years and I can assure you- Eucalyptus degulpta is an extremely fast growing tree. It is the primary tree grown and harvested for pulp in the Phillipines, due to its fast-growing habit.  I have personally seen this tree put on 8-10 feet in a single year.

Rainbow Eucalyptus loves sun and WATER.  Unlike other Eucalyptus from Australia, Eucalyptus deglupta does not like to dry out or go through prolonged dry periods. It comes from tropical locations such as Mindanao in the Phillipines, Papau New Guinea, etc.

Always keep the soil in the pot moist to wet.  Underwater is to be avoided, but don’t let your tree dry out if in a pot.

Once planted out in the landscape, keep the tree well watered the first season, after that it will have sufficient roots to keep itself hydrated, given ample local watering.  In drier climates, make sure you have irrigation on it.

Eucalyptus deglupta is cold hardy down to the brief upper-20′s when mature.  I have a couple large mature trees in my Central Florida Garden that saw the mid 20′s two winters in a row with little to no damage.. it barely even dropped leaves. When young, saplings need to be protected from cold until they have had a chance to establish and harden off.

It is a tough tree, so far mine have gotten to about 45-50 feet and have withstood high winds, freezes and plenty of heat and direct sun.  The main thing is to keep it adequately watered.   Light requirement is partial sun to full sun (while kept moist)  Use a pole/stick lightly attached to the trunk  to keep it straight the first year and as support if high winds are encountered.

Rainbow Eucalyptus responds well to liquid fertilizers such as Miracle Gro- mix a bit weak, and give more often.  Osmocote makes an excellent long-term granular fertilizer.  Avoid cheap palm fertilizers especially when young.  Rainbows in the tropics can grow to 100 feet or more, in the US, 40-60 feet is more the norm.

The trees for sale have been expertly grown from fresh seed.  They are growing in 4″ pots and will soon need to be bumped up to 3 gallon pots. -This tree grows and roots so quickly that I go straight from a 4″ to a 10″ pot, and skip the 1 gallon.

The last 2 photos are examples of the the trees for sale.  You will receive one (1) tree. Height varies from 30″ to 48″ tall. 

They will often begin showing color on the trunk during the first year if kept watered and fertilized. Each year after that shows more and more color.

Shipping to US Residents Only. Exotica Tropicals is a licensed and inspected Florida Nursery and certified for shipping to California.   We ship via USPS and pack very carefully!