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Philodendron superbum / bernardopazii


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This beautiful Philodendron really lives up to its name by being truly superb.  The leaves are thick and have a nice sheen with white veins.  The undersides get a wonderful bright  red veining.  The petioles have a very cool reddish tone with white streaks. Philodendron superbum is a climber and the leaves can get quite large if allowed to climb a tree or totem.  I have found that it grows better with bright indirect light to partial sun. The brighter the light, the more elongated the leaves will get.. in more shade they will be a bit wider and darker.  Too much shade will really slow it down.

It is originally from Brazil and was known for a time as a form of P. Santa Leopoldina before getting the name “superbum”  I believe it is now also known as Philodendron bernardopazii. It has survived cold snaps to the upper 20′s F outside in my garden with only overhead canopy as protection.

As easy to grow as common Philodendrons, this rare beauty is much more exotic and exciting.  Makes an excellent houseplant near a sunny window. Can also be grown outdoors in warm climates.  Works nicely in hanging baskets as well as pots with a totem.

A healthy, well-rooted specimen in 4″ pot. Ready to be bumped up into a larger pot or planted outside. The second photo is an example shipping plant.

Instructions for rooting and growing included.

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