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Philodendron radiatum


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Philodendron radiatum is a very beautiful climbing species with deeply lobed leaves, a medium paced growth habit and the ability to get giant leaves when grown up a support.

If allowed to climb, the leaves can get quite large- up to 3 feet long or more, and finely serrated / lobed.  It has a medium-fast growth rate and can be trimmed back with ease. It is very impressive growing up a tree and can turn an empty trunk into the iconic look of the tropics.

As easy to grow as common Philodendrons, this rare beauty is much more exotic and exciting.  Makes an excellent houseplant near a sunny window. Can also be grown outdoors in warm climates- it looks its best in a bright partial sun (not full sun) I have grown this in my Florida garden outside unprotected for years- it has endured temps into the 20′s without loss.

A healthy, growing specimen in 4″ pot.   The second photo is an example shipping plant.

Instructions for  growing included.

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