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Philodendron McDowellii


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One of my favorite Philodendrons and highly recommended.  Philodendron McDowellii is an uncommon hybrid between Philodendron gloriosum  (big velvety leaves with white veining and a terrestrial habit) and an unnamed Philodendron species from Peru.  This unnamed species gives McDowellii a much tougher leaf than gloriosum, as well as a bit of leaf sheen and an unmistakable vigour.  P. McDowellii is a strong grower. Its leaves can get quite big- up to three feet, with beautiful veining.  I’ve found it to be quite tough and much easier to grow than P. gloriosum. It does *not climb* but rather creeps along the ground, twisting around and putting up huge leaves. Overall height gets to be about 3 feet, and it can be controlled and will get more leafy with occasional trimming back of the growth points.

As easy to grow as common Philodendrons, this rare beauty is much more exotic and exciting.  Makes an excellent houseplant near a sunny window. Can also be grown outdoors in warm climates- it looks its best in a bright partial sun (not full sun)

A healthy, well-rooted specimen in 4″ pot. Ready to be bumped up into a larger pot or planted outside.

Instructions for rooting and growing included.

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