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Philodendron 'Ecuador Hybrid'


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‘Ecuador Hybrid’ is the only name I have for this really cool Philo.  It’s the name I acquired it under and I haven’t found another  for it as of yet. Obviously, it is a hybrid originating from Ecuador.  When walking through my garden, I often mistake it for the  rare Philodendron joepii, as ‘Ecuador Hybrid’ also gets very narrow in the center of the leaf.  Not as insanely narrow as P. joepii, but very narrow indeed- much more so than Philodendron mexicanum.

Ecuador Hybrid is a vigorous grower- it does quite well in bright light up to a partial sun.  It’s a climber and will look great going up a tree trunk, support or totem, but does equally well in a hanging basket.

If allowed to climb, the leaves will get much larger- so far, I’ve gotten them to about 2 feet long.  It has a fairly fast growth rate and can be trimmed back with ease.

As easy to grow as common Philodendrons, this rare beauty is much more exotic and exciting.  Makes an excellent houseplant near a sunny window. Can also be grown outdoors in warm climates.

A healthy, well-rooted specimen in 4″ pot. Ready to be bumped up into a larger pot or planted outside.  The second photo is an example shipping plant.

Instructions for rooting and growing included.

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