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Philodendron Angustisectum


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One of my favorite Philodendron-  P. angustisectum grows large pinnate leaves that are heavily divided into long graceful lobes.  (It is often referred to as a synonym of P. elegans, however, in my experience P. elegans is so finely lobed, it resembles a palm frond.)

P. angustisectum has thicker leaves that are quite tough, while appearing elegant and delicate. It is unmistakeably unique and unusual in appearance and will always attract the eye!  The leaves look wonderful when cut and placed in a vase.

A good grower, P. angustisectum does quite well outdoors in Florida, and when allowed to climb up a trunk, totem or other support, will grow large leaves. As easy to grow as common Philodendrons, this rare beauty is much more exotic and exciting.  Makes an excellent houseplant near a sunny window. Can also be grown outdoors in warm climates.

A healthy, well-rooted specimen in 4″ pot. Ready to be bumped up into a larger pot or planted outside.

Instructions for rooting and growing included.

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